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Technology marketers have to communicate complicated products and services to an audience that, in some cases, has little or no background in tech. To do that, they sometimes fall back on insider acronyms, jargon and buzzwords, belabored mission statements, and in-the-weeds product specifications.

We founded Industrious because we want to help technology companies tell their stories in a simple, relatable, and relevant way. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of newsroom natives who understands what your audience needs to know at every stage. We deliver the editorial expertise, crackerjack design, and publishing best practices you need to create content campaigns that work.

Our Founder

Deanna Zammit is the founder and chief content officer of Industrious. She’s worked with brands including IBM, Oracle, Deloitte Digital, KPMG, as well as a wide array of new and growing brands, to create wide-ranging multimedia content that has depth, breadth, and a sense of humor. Previously, she was the founding director of Digiday’s in-house content agency, Custom, where she spent years getting to know how business audiences come to understand new products and services. She’s a nimble thinker, an experienced strategist, and an executive producer who sets a high bar.

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Great content marketing should be substantial, creative, entertaining and trusted. It’s a high bar that too few marketers have the time or resources to jump.

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