While Patriot One was marketing primarily to its shareholders and security system integrators/reseller partners. In order to expand its reach, it needed to speak to a wider swath of the security industry as well as private citizens who could influence purchases for schools, churches, retail stores and more. 

In order to reach these different audiences, Patriot One had to balance its messaging carefully.

With the help of Industrious Content, Patriot One identified five audience segments to address through content: (i) security system integrators and security professionals, (ii) property owners and management end-users, (iii) shareholders, (iv) the media and (v) concerned citizens. When crafting thought leadership, Patriot One had to be sure not to alienate any of these segments.

Industrious Content crafted editorial and social content tailored to these wildly different audiences, including a digital magazine and a social media presence. To ensure the Patriot One Magazine could regularly publish high-quality news, Industrious created a turnkey “newsroom” of three writers and an editor-in-chief. 

Meanwhile, to connect with “concerned citizens” on Instagram, Industrious knew the brand would have to soften its image, particularly if it wanted to reach a key cohort: parents, chiefly mothers, teachers and activists who are deeply involved in discussions about security in their community, and want to see progress. The design had roots in Patriot One branding, but was tweaked to appeal to moms through familiar visuals and softer colors.

In its first six months of publication, the magazine racked up more than 23,000 page views, with a healthy time on page of three minutes. This fresh, weekly content also improved Patriot One’s organic search results.

And most importantly, the content raised the interest of national brands, who inquired about the company’s flagship product after reading Patriot One Magazine.