Optimizing marketing campaigns mid-run is standard practice. But tradition persists in sports marketing, where marketers don’t evaluate campaign success until their partners report end-of-season stats. Who saw that 30-second spot? Who knows? Better luck next time.

GumGum Sports, a subsidiary of ad tech company GumGum, aimed to bring sports marketing reporting into the 21st century by applying computer vision and other tools to assess how much value a brand sponsorship is delivering—in real time. But to succeed among its better-known rivals, GumGum Sports needed an identity of its own.

The pivot away from its parent would require clearing three hurdles: First, the new brand would have to look markedly different than its parent. Secondly, it would have to stand out in an increasingly crowded field of competitors. Finally, it would have to explain the AI-powered platform and its the benefits to an audience of traditional marketers accustomed to stale, siloed reporting.

Oh, and the new site had to be up in six weeks.

Industrious Content led UX design, messaging strategy and copywriting, and video production. Drawing upon its experience creating content for varied audiences, it developed a two-pronged strategy aimed at brand marketers and rights holders, aka sports teams, venue owners and professional athletes. For brands, it emphasized the importance of being able to access real-time analytics to improve campaign performance as it happens. For rights holders, it emphasized the power in being able to quantify the value of your partnership using objective data.  

To complement its capabilities, Industrious Content brought in its strategic partner, Commit Branding, to spearhead the rebrand. Their two-day design sprint format accelerated the timeline dramatically, shrinking a months-long project to the required 6 weeks. Commit guided the client team to its new name—Relo, a derivation of the Spanish-language word for watch “reloj”—and its new look and feel. 

Together, Commit and Industrious forged a brand that pairs a dynamic voice with a dramatic color contrast that highlight the platform’s bottom line. The site went up on time and at a high quality.