5 places you should be using your content but aren't

A question content marketers should always be asking themselves is, “Can my content go further?” Because chances are, it can. Letting posts gather dust on a blog is no way to treat work you likely invested serious time and money in creating. 

So where should the content go? We chatted with Laura Goldstein, vp of content and communications for mattress company Saatva, about where content is being used across the company -- some channels might surprise you.

Customer service

Content, whether it's a short slide deck or a personalized email sent after a call, gives customer service reps an extra tool in their toolkit. Goldstein says that Saatva’s customer service organization gives out its content when customers call with questions. Another plus: “This has also helped content marketing get buy-in across the organization,” she added. 

Paid channels

According to Goldstein, using content on paid channels rather than simply paying for traffic has seriously boosted conversion rates for Saatva. “When we use blog content in our Google search campaigns, it converts at a higher rate and costs much less than sending that search traffic to our e-commerce homepage.”

Social media

Social media is an opportunity to communicate an experience, so it’s the perfect channel for your brand to share a captivating story that might not be a direct fit in other places. “Social media [content] is not really about the difference between latex memory foam,” said Goldstein. “It's about what it's like to sleep in an ice cave, or what it's like to sleep in space.” 


Depending on what type of content your brand is publishing, informational content in marketing or transactional emails lends a powerful aura of authority, especially if the industry is opaque to an outsider. “When somebody needs a little more information about mattress height or firmness, we’re pulling it from the blog,” said Goldstein. 


Instead of dry pitches, content gives public relations professionals something to sink their teeth into and really tell a story. Goldstein recounted how Saatva’s PR director used content: “She did some pitching around Earth Day because we have some organic products, but she used our Earth Day content and content that we created around our new product launches. That's been very effective.”

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